Trendnet TEW-809UB makes 802.11ac connectivity portable

Wired networking in the home is nice if you can swing it, but many folks are content with the convenience of wireless networking. Even with wireless networking, however, some are going to want the fastest adapter around. Trendnet has just the thing for those speed demons. Its TEW-809UB Wireless-AC adapter plugs into a free USB 3.0 port on the host machine to deliver peak claimed transfer rates of 1300 Mb/s on Wireless-AC networks or 600 Mb/s in Wireless-N environments. (Add those numbers up, and you get the formidable-sounding AC1900 marketing fluff on many Wi-Fi spec sheets. Who knew?)

To achieve those high speeds, Trendnet puts four substantial antennas, "high-powered amplifiers," and explicit beamforming technology into a suitably alien-insect-looking body that can sit on a desk or table top. Speed comes at a price, and the TEW-809UB is no exception. Trendnet stuck a $109.99 price tag on this beast. While that might sound expensive for a wireless adapter, USB AC1900 adapters are neither common nor cheap. Asus' USB-AC68 adapter offers similar specs (with 3x4 MIMO, too) for $89.99, and it appears to be the only competition in the consumer space for this Trendnet. The TEW-809UB should be available now, though we couldn't find it online.

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