First Deus Ex: Mankind Divided patch focuses on crash fixes

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided developer Nixxes has released the first patch for the game, version 524.7. This update should fix a common crash in the Prague train station level, as well as "crashes caused by third party programs" like MSI Afterburner. Inverted look settings should now display correctly in the menu, too.

The game still has a few other problems, and Nixxes says it's looking into them. Among the standout issues is an odd default setting for the game's mouse sensitivity. Our own code-monkey Bruno is among many players who complain that even on the lowest in-game sensitivity setting, mouse movements are extremely rapid, making the game difficult to play as a result. Some possible solutions include hex-editing the game's configuration file, or simply reducing mouse DPI settings to lower levels.

Mankind Divided players are also complaining of performance problems. To be clear, Mankind Divided is a demanding game, and as with any bleeding-edge title, some of this furor might come from players that underestimated the game's requirements (or overestimated their hardware's ability.) For folks running into performance issues, Nixxes recommends a video driver update first. If that doesn't help, the developer advises users to try disabling MSAA, Contact Hardening Shadows, and Volumetric Lighting first. Owners of 4GB graphics cards should also stick to the game's "high" preset or below. For all systems, the company says exclusive fullscreen mode should offer the best performance.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided owners on Steam should already have the new update queued for download. If the update is causing issues for you, Nixxes offers the previous version of the game as an optional "beta" branch in Steam.

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