AMD and Nvidia court gamers with new pack-in bundles

Now that the graphics market is somewhat competitive again, Nvidia and AMD are no longer sweetening their products with free game offers as much as they did in the 28-nm days. The pack-in wars aren't entirely over, though. Nvidia and AMD have both announced new game promotions for their products recently, so let's see what's on offer.

First off, fans of the red team will be able to get Deus Ex: Mankind Divided with six- or eight-core AMD FX CPUs from now until November 14. With Zen on the horizon, even a $60 game might not be enough to move these four-year-old CPUs, but the enterprising might be able to sell the game code and pocket the difference. That proposition could turn a powerful eight-core chip like the FX-8350 or FX-8370 into a much cheaper part. The rare animal looking to buy both an FX CPU and Mankind Divided might also be pleased, but we're wondering just how many of those folks are out there. Either way, the offer is on the table for a while.

Buyers of Nvidia products who also happen to like Epic's Paragon will get 1000 "Paragon coins," seven "Hero Master Challenges," and two character skins for the game with a wide range of GeForce cards and notebooks. That haul of loot is apparently worth $115 in cold, hard cash, and buyers of GeForce GTX 970 cards and better, GTX 1060 cards and better, GTX 970M notebooks and better, or GTX 1060 notebooks and better will all be able to get in on the deal. That offer only runs until September 19, though.

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