Alienware desktops with Polaris cards get caught on camera

Alienware's made a name for itself selling high-performance gaming systems to high-powered wallets. The recent release of AMD's Polaris-powered Radeons didn't escape the company's glossy black eyes, and it's now revealed a trio of desktop systems built around AMD's latest.

The Alienware Aurora desktop system is now available in a variant that can pack up to two Radeon RX 480 cards in a CrossFire configuration. Alienware says this system is capable of "beyond AAA gaming," which is a term that's unfamiliar to us but sounds...promising.

The aforementioned Aurora desktop looks distinctive enough on its own, but the PC gaming world is hardly lacking craziness (of the good kind.) Those whose desires run toward the exotic can take a gander at the triangular-ish Area 51 desktop, which Alienware now sells with up to three blower-style Radeon RX 480 cards inside.

Finally, red-team gamers looking for a living room PC with a console-like form factor should be well served by the Alienware Alpha R2. This pint-sized machine can now be ordered with a Radeon R9 M470X chip paired with 2GB of VRAM. That card is part of AMD's aged Bonaire family rather than a Polaris chip, though.

Alienware says that Aurora systems with RX 480s should be available in Europe right away, and will be appearing in other regions soon. Those machines start at $925. Meanwhile, the Area 51 monster with triple RX 480s should be around "soon." Our price sleuthing pins it at $1700 for the most affordable version with a single RX 480 card. As for the Alpha R2 with an R9 M470X inside, it's available immediately and can be yours for $600.

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