Nixxes turns out another Deus Ex: Mankind Divided patch

Boy, Nixxes has been busy. Just two days after the first patch, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided has gotten its second patch on the PC. This build—numbered 524.10—is another bugfix patch, this time addressing a number of "critical" user-reported issues, including that mouse problem we mentioned on Wednesday.

Specifically, the patch adds separate X and Y axes to the mouse sensitivity slider, and also increases the range of those adjustments. Nixxes also fixed issues with missing level geometry in Dubai, wonky player physics on stairs and slopes, and some problems with 21:9 displays. The field-of-view setting now displays the actual value, and the "unmark all" prompt should no longer hang around on-screen.

Nixxes deserves praise for this rapid turnaround in response to community complaints. As before, the developer is keeping the previous build of the game available as a beta branch on Steam, should players want access to it for whatever reason.

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