Corsair backlit keyboard lineup gets new Lux models

Corsair's lineup of mechanical gaming keyboards is no stranger to TR. Both the K70 RGB Rapidfire and the older K70 Vengeance models received our Editor's Choice awards. The company isn't one to just sit back and rest on its laurels, though, and has released a new set of backlit clickers bearing the "Lux" nametag.

K70 Lux RGB

The Lux keyboards are mostly an evolution from the previous "RGB" models—even if they're not a radical departure—and are all based on Cherry MX switches. The font size on the keys has been increased in order to let the blinkenlights shine through a little more for effect. The all-aluminum frame returns, providing typers and gamers both with a stable platform with little to no flex. On the "RGB" models, the LED lights are controllable on a per-key basis using Corsair's CUE software.

K65 Lux RGB

There's also 104-key rollover with anti-ghosting on tap, as well as a USB passthrough port and a detachable wrist rest. The full-sized K70 variants include a volume scroll wheel and multimedia controls above the numerical pad. The K65 Lux RGB is a tenkeyless design without the aforementioned controls, but still offers volume and mute keys.

K70 Lux with blue lighting

Corsair offers a choice of keyboard for pretty much everyone. The most affordable choices are the K70 Lux keyboards with single-color blue or red backlighting, and go for $120. The red-colored version is available with a choice of Cherry MX Red, Brown, or Blue switches, while the blue-lit model comes with MX Red switches only.

Stepping up the ladder, we find the K65 Lux RGB model. This tenkeyless keyboard comes with Cherry MX Red and per-key RGB-LED backlighting. Corsair sells it for $130. Finally, the K70 Lux RGB is a full-sized affair with multimedia keys and a volume scroll wheel. It can be yours for $170, fitted with either MX Red, Brown, or Blue switches.

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