Emulators.com revists P4 vs. PIII, Athlon

Derek Mihocka of Emulators, Inc. made quite a stir around the time the Pentium 4 was released with his article disparaging the P4. Now he's updated his Pentium 4 rantings with a comparison of the P4, Tualatin, and Athlon XP running Windows XP—just in time to catch the WinXP hype on the upsurge. (Thanks to Samlind for the link.)

Derek's comparisons are interesting, and his technical observations from a programmer's standpoint make his comparisons worth reading. However, I sure wish he'd have compared the Tualatin and Athlon XP to a 2GHz Pentium 4, not a 1.5GHz one. Like we did, actually. The Tualatin seems nifty until you compare it to a really fast P4 system in multimedia, gaming, and the like. Still, Derek was stirring up trouble way back in my Atari ST and Amiga days, so I can't fault him too much.

(Speaking of Windows XP, it finally dawned on me that the name actually alludes to a fabled MS code name. Think Greek letters: XP = chi and rho. Back in the day, "Cairo" was gonna cure cancer and all sorts of things. Of course, then the Internet happened. I guess MS finally got Cairo out the door, eh?)

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