Nvidia virtualizes virtual reality apps at VMWorld

Nvidia is making a big push into virtualized graphics for businesses of late, and VR is the next domino to fall in the company's onward march. Nvidia is showing off a variety of VR demos at VMWorld this week using VMWare guests paired with its graphics cards. That stack powers environments generated with Iray VR and Nvidia's "point cloud" tech. The company will also have an Autodesk VRED collaborative design demo running at its booth.

To make virtualized VR a reality, Nvidia says it's using four "high-end Quadro" graphics cards running in pass-through mode with VMWare ESXi to power its four separate demos. We're curious what the added latency from the virtual VR stack is like, though a slight jump in motion-to-photon latency may be more acceptable in applications where viewing is the primary interaction with a VR app. We've asked Nvidia for more info on this point, and we'll be sure to share if we hear more.

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