LG will show off two new curved ultrawides at IFA Berlin

At next week's IFA show in Berlin, LG is going to be showing off two new 21:9 monitors. The 38-inch 38UC99 and 34-inch 34UC79G are both high-performance ultrawide curved screens, although they serve radically different customers. The 34UC79G is a 2560x1080 ultrawide for gamers, while the 38UC99's applications are more nuanced.

On the face of it, the 38UC99 is a beauty. The monitor's 38-inch diagonal might seem massive, but it's only about the same height as a 30-inch 16:9 monitor. Its 3840x1600 panel is IPS, of course, and LG says it covers 99% of the sRGB color space. LG doesn't specify the 38UC99's refresh rate, response time, contrast ratio, or maximum brightness, but AMD's FreeSync website confirms a variable-refresh range from 52 to 72Hz, without Low Framerate Compensation support. It also supports LG's "one millisecond" Motion Blur Reduction feature. 

In its press release, LG emphasizes the 38UC99's quality-of-life features over its prowess as a display. A USB Type-C port—the first on a monitor, according to LG—offers easy device charging. The 38UC99 also includes 10-watt Bluetooth stereo speakers that LG claims have "rich" bass output. These features, along with the large size, might make this monitor more suited for a den than the desk.

The other monitor LG will be showing at IFA is the 34UC79G. LG says this is the first 144Hz IPS curved ultrawide monitor on the market. Its 34-inch IPS panel has a native resolution of 2560x1080, and it has a 50Hz-to-144Hz FreeSync range. Like its sibling, it supports LG's Motion Blur Reduction, which is a form of black frame insertion. Unlike its sibling, it also supports FreeSync Low Framerate Compensation, which means things should stay smooth even below the 50Hz FreeSync baseline. Pricing and availability will probably be announced at IFA next week.

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