It's game over for the Chromebook Pixel 2

If you've taken a liking to Google's Chromebook Pixel 2, and you can still find one for sale, you may want to snatch it up. The high-end portable has all but disappeared from e-tail, and even Google's own store is out of Pixel 2 stock. VentureBeat contacted Google to find out what exactly the deal was, and the company says that it has no plans to restock its flagship Chromebook. While Google didn't say as much itself, that's a pretty clear sign the device is out of production.

Here at TR, our opinion of these streamlined browser-books has turned 180 degrees since Jeff started singing the praises of his Asus Chromebook Flip. While the Pixel 2 didn't benefit from the low-price appeal of the Chromebook Flip, it offered build quality and features that most Chromebooks don't have room in the bill of materials for. Google told VentureBeat that it remains "commited to the Pixel program," and the site points out a job description supporting that claim, so it's possible that first-party Chromebooks are still gestating inside Google's labs. For now, though, the company's vision for its own computing hardware is only manifest in the Pixel C tablet.

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