Alienware likes what it sees in Tobii eye-tracking tech

Tobii's EyeX gaze-tracking tech is starting to become a household name. The Swedish company seems to be solving the chicken-and-egg problem by getting both its hardware and software integrated into mobile hardware from a variety of manufacturers. Just today, Alienware put up a Youtube teaser telling people to check its online TV channel on September 2 at noon Eastern for "the latest in gaming technology."

Although Alienware doesn't exactly spell out what it's going to reveal, there's not much left to the imagination. The Dell subsidiary is almost certainly integrating Tobii's EyeX tech into its laptop lineup—possibly even in monitors. This move follows hot on the heels of MSI, one of the first companies to integrate Tobii's tech onto its gaming laptops.

Of course, having some lasers shot into your eyes doesn't mean much if there isn't a lot to actually do with them, but Tobii is apparently sorting that out just fine. The list of Tobii-enhanced games and applications is surprisingly long for such a recent concept and product—and it's only getting bigger, too. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, for example, appears to make good use of eye-tracking and letting players perform some actions in a more natural fashion.

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