Toshiba introduces midrange A100 SSDs at IFA

Toshiba is among the many companies presenting new products at IFA 2016. We aren't there to see them in person, but the electronics giant sent us all the details of its A100 2.5-inch SSDs. The new solid-state disks hook up to SATA 6Gbps ports, and use 15nm TLC NAND in combination with a new in-house Toshiba controller cryptically called "TC58NC1010".

Toshiba is one of the largest producers of NAND flash memory in the world. Despite that fact, the SSDs bearing the company's name don't get a lot of mainstream attention. Late last year the company divided its "Q Series" SSDs into standard and "Pro" varieties, delineated by the use of TLC or MLC flash. The new A100 series SSDs should slot in right below the standard Q300 drives, emphasizing price-efficiency over raw performance.

Of course, even the slowest solid-state disks are faster than hard drives, and the A100s are no slouch besides. Toshiba says the drives will read sequentially at up to 550MB/sec, and complete up to 87,000 IOPS reading random data. Writes are only slightly worse, at up to 480MB/sec on sequential transfers, and 82,000 IOPS on random writes. Toshiba says the drives are equipped with "SLC Write Cache Technology," which should improve write performance as long as the drive is mostly empty.

The new drives will come in 120GB and 240GB capacities, which further emphasizes their low-cost mission. Toshiba rates the 240GB version for 60 TBW, while the 120GB version gets half that measure. That rating isn't especially impressive, but as we proved awhile back, it also isn't necessarily meaningful. In any case, Toshiba backs the drives with a three year warranty.

We don't have pricing details yet, unfortunately. According to Toshiba, the A100 SSDs will be available in October.

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