Battlefield 1 and Deus Ex get CrossFire in Radeon Software 16.8.3

Folks who bought into AMD's promise of 1080 performance with a pair of RX 480s will be pleased to know that their dual-GPU desktop can now shine in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided and Battlefield 1's open beta. These new games are both extremely demanding, although they have the visuals to justify their hardware-mulching intensity.

There's little else to distinguish this driver release aside from those two Crossfire profiles. AMD did fix an issue intermittently causing "random blank or colored screens" while gaming on RX 480s, which sounds like a good issue to have fixed. If you've got a pair of Radeons and you're hankering for some bleeding-edge gaming, grab the new release from AMD's download page.

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    • eofpi
    • 3 years ago

    Unless atlatls are equipable items, Battlefield 1 is misnamed.

    • bjm
    • 3 years ago

    By “can now shine”, do you mean that two RX480s do indeed equal the performance of a GTX1080 in these two games?

      • RAGEPRO
      • 3 years ago

      Probably not. 🙂

      • jts888
      • 3 years ago

      I think there’s a decent chance for Polaris cards to “shine” in DXMD after the DX12 renderer gets released (in a few weeks?), but the proof is obviously in the pudding.

      The Vulkan patch for Doom made the RX480 look like it belonged in a higher price class, but it doesn’t seem reasonable to expect those levels of improvements on all new DX12/Vulkan titles.

    • deathBOB
    • 3 years ago

    BF1 demanding? I’m running a 7950 on ultra at 1080 with a fairly consistent 60fps. I’d say that it runs better than BF4.

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