Nvidia VR Funhouse gets mod support alongside source release

Nvidia's VR Funhouse is a no-holds-barred tech demo for Pascal chips' VR-related features, and it's actually a fun little VR toy for those fortunate few with the requisite hardware. Nvidia promised to release the source code to the app for developers to use as guidance on implementing all of its VRWorks magic, and today the company has made good on that promise. Full source for Nvidia VR Funhouse is here on GitHub. Note that to access the source you'll have to link a (free) Unreal Engine developer account to your GitHub account.

Developers will certainly appreciate the source release, but it means little in the short term for regular users. Nvidia isn't leaving regular folks out in the cold today, though—it's adding mod support to the Funhouse. The green team used Unreal Engine 4 to create the app, so modding should be easy for users familiar with that toolkit. Nvidia has also integrated Steam Workshop into the app for easy distribution and installation of Funhouse mods. Given the limited appeal of the VR Funhouse—owing to the significant barriers to entry—it remains to be seen if there will be much enthusiasm for modding the app. Still, five mods from Nvidia itself are available now on the app's workshop page.

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