In the lab: Aimpad's R5 analog keyboard

A couple years back, we shared a story about the Aimpad game controller. This set of Cherry MX keys was housed in a keypad with some secret-sauce that enabled the switches to transmit analog signals to the host system. The Kickstarter campaign wasn't successful, but the Aimpad team kept working on the concept, and it's now ready to share the fruits of its labors with the world.

Aimpad contacted us to see if we wanted to take their reference design, the Aimpad R5, out for a test drive. We said yes. Twelve keys on this board feature the analog input tech from the original game pad, and PCs see the keyboard as not only a keyboard, but also as a mouse and an Xinput device (i.e., an Xbox  360 controller). I find the prospects fairly tantalizing. Look for our review down the road, and check out Aimpad’s own video-overview of the R5 while you’re waiting for me to reach a verdict.

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