Samsung recalls Galaxy Note 7 as some devices burst into flames

Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 may not bend in regular use, but that's not much good when a small number of the devices are bursting into flames when owners put them on a charger. Samsung says it's traced the problem to faulty batteries. In response, the company is stopping sales of the Note 7 worldwide, recalling inventory in shipment, and setting up an exchange program for Note 7s that are already in the wild, according to an official statement and further reporting in the Wall Street Journal.

In its official statement, Samsung noted that only 35 Note 7s had gone up in flames so far, for the small comfort that provides. According to the WSJ, Samsung has shipped 2.5 million units of its latest big-screen phone, so this recall will be a massive one. In lieu of an exchange, Samsung told the paper that it will also offer a full refund to Note 7 owners who want one. Details of the exchange program will be released on a country-by-country basis when they're available.

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