Logitech's Prodigy gaming peripherals keep it simple

The wild frontier of gaming hardware can get pretty extreme. A mouse with fifteen buttons or a keyboard with analog voodoo could be awesome for hardcore gamers who will take time to become proficient with them. For the casual player that still wants high performance from their peripherals, Logitech now offers the Prodigy series. This new line of gaming hardware focuses on high-end specs without any cruft, and comprises a keyboard, a headset, and wired and wireless mice.

The G403 Prodigy mice have six programmable buttons, and they both use the high-end PixArt PMW3366 optical sensor. That sensor maxes out at 12,000 DPI, but its resolution is fully customizable. Of course, the RGB LED lighting on each mouse is fully-configurable, too. The tuning options even extend to the mice's weight. Logitech includes a removable 10-gram weight in the base of each rodent. Like most fancy gaming mice, the G403s have onboard memory to allow users to save their settings directly to their mice. The wireless G403 uses the same custom 2.4 GHz radio found in Logitech's higher-end mice.

The Prodigy family's keyboard is the G213, and like its murid siblings, it's a relatively basic example of the form. The G213 is a full-width keyboard with dedicated media controls and RGB LED backlighting. Logitech's gaming software can be used to customize the keyboard's lighting across five separate zones, and individual keys can be programmed with multiple functions. Logitech says it tests the G213 for crumb, dirt, and spill resistance, in case gamers get clumsy with the Mountain Dew.

Finally, the G231 Prodigy headset is a closed design that uses a 3.5-mm, four-pole plug. That means it's compatible with the PlayStation 4, though Xbox One gamers will need an adapter. Logitech also includes a Y-splitter for PC use. The headset itself uses a pair of 40-mm neodymium drivers and has an integrated microphone that folds up along the left side. Controls along the cord allow users to adjust the volume or disable the microphone. Logitech says it engineered the headset for comfort during long play periods, and the fruits of that work mean the G231 weighs just under nine ounces. The G231's cloth ear cups slip off for easy washing, too.

The Prodigy gaming peripherals will all be available later this month in the US and Europe. The G213 keyboard, G231 headset, and G403 wired mouse will be $69.99, while the wireless G403 will be $99.99.

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