Corsair adds RGB LED magic to Crystal case and Polaris mouse pad

If you're the sort of person who likes bling-bling on your PC hardware, Corsair's RGB family can hook you up. The Polaris RGB mouse pad and Crystal 460X mid-tower case join forces with the Void Wireless RGB headset, Lux keyboards, M65 Pro RGB mouse, and SP120 and HD120 RGB LED fans to ensure that you'll never be left in the dark again.

The Crystal 460X case is essentially a version of the Carbide 400C mid-tower case that we used in our VR SLI build recently. It swaps out the Plexiglas side panel and solid front panel for tempered-glass versions. The case is available in two models. The standard Crystal 460X includes a 140-mm red LED fan and a standard 120-mm rear fan, while the Crystal 460X RGB includes three of those fancy SP120 RGB fans we saw at Computex. Those fans need a lighting controller to do their magic, and that's integrated into the 460X RGB, too.

Meanwhile, the MM800 Polaris RGB mouse pad is exactly what it sounds like. Ignoring the RGB lighting for a moment, the Polaris is a high-quality rigid mousing surface. It hooks up to USB for power, and has a passthrough for your mouse so you don't have a burn a USB port on your mouse pad. Corsair says the 14" by 10" Polaris has a non-slip base to keep it stable. The Polaris has 15 user-configurable RGB LED zones, and owners can use Corsair's Cue software to link it up with other Corsair RGB LED devices for synchronized lighting.

Despite the "all new" description that Corsair uses, the other products in the Corsair RGB family are actually not new. The M65 Pro RGB mouse is essentially similar to the Vengeance M65 mouse that Nathan reviewed back in 2014, and the Lux series of keyboards are close relatives to the Vengeance family that preceded them. The Void Wireless headset has also been around for some time now, as well, if we're not mistaken. Still, unifying these products under a common theme could make them more attractive to someone looking for a coherent design language.

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