In the lab: Corsair's Carbide Series Air 740 case

Corsair has made a name for itself with its dual-chamber Carbide Series Air 240 and Carbide Series Air 540 cases. This design puts a system's power supply and storage in its own distinct chamber to reduce thermal cross-pollution and improve airflow. We've reviewed the microATX Carbide Series Air 240, but we haven't had a chance to play with one of the company's ATX dual-chamber designs until now. Say hello to the Carbide Series Air 740, the revised version of Corsair's big bicameral design.

The first thing that'll strike you about this case is how large it is. It resembles nothing if not a mini-fridge. Corsair puts that space to good use with plenty of room for extra-long graphics cards, huge radiators and air coolers, and more inside. We're looking forward to seeing how this case performs with some high-octane parts soon. Expect a $150 price tag when this case hits e-tail and retail, and stay tuned for our review.

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