Razer fans can show their colors with Antec's Cube Mini-ITX case

Razer makes more or less everything the PC enthusiast might need save for cases and the components that go inside, but it's been happy to solve the first problem by partnering with prominent case manufacturers. NZXT's S340 "Designed by Razer" mid-tower has that design language covered for ATX builders, but Mini-ITX fans who want to show their Razer stripes have been left out in the cold—until today, that is. Antec and Razer have teamed up to produce a version of the Antec Cube case in Razer black-and-green that's making its debut at PAX today.

The Antec Cube looks like a spiffy enough Mini-ITX case. This enclosure has a lower chamber for the power supply and its cabling that could contribute to a cleaner interior. It's got room for up to four 2.5" storage devices, one 3.5" hard drive, and graphics cards up to 350 mm long. Light strips and a 120-mm LED fan in Razer green cast a glow in and around the case, and an LED-illuminated Razer logo on the front of the case leaves no doubt about owners' favorite brand. Windows on the top and sides of the Cube show off the components and lighting inside. Antec says production of this case will begin in October, and pricing and availability for the Cube will be determined sometime in the fourth quarter of this year.

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