be quiet! Pure Rock Slim slips into tiny systems with ease

be quiet! has plenty of experience cooling, powering, and housing PCs, and it's bringing that expertise to small-form-factor systems today with its Pure Rock Slim CPU cooler. This 125-mm-tall (5") tower makes the most out of the tight confines common around CPU sockets on Mini-ITX motherboards. Its fin stack has a cut-out section at its base to provide plenty of surface area for cooling without impinging on standard-size DIMMs or VRM heatsinks.

Three copper heat pipes running through the Pure Rock Slim's base can carry a specified 120W of heat away from the CPU underneath, and be quiet! cools this tower with one of its excellent Silent Wings 92-mm PWM fans. This tower's $25 price (€28) makes it an appealing upgrade over the Intel stock cooler, and be quiet! says it's available at retail today.

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