Apple doubles base storage options for some iPads and iPhone 6S

Apple isn't just doubling the storage of its base-model iPhone 7 to 32GB today, as it's long been pressured to do. The company is bringing the double-density love to the iPhone 6S family and many of its iPads, as well. The eagle-eyed Apple watchers at Macrumors spotted the change, and it means that the $399 iPad Air 2, the $399 iPad mini 4, and the $269 iPad mini 2 now come with 32GB of storage on board. The step-up storage option for the iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 4 is now a $499 128GB tier.

Meanwhile, the iPhone 6S is sticking around as the more budget-friendly option for iPhone buyers now that the iPhone 7 rules the roost. The $549 base price for the iPhone 6S now includes 32GB of storage, while the $649 step-up model makes the jump to 128GB. Meanwhile, a 32GB iPhone 6S Plus demands $649, while the 128GB model is $100 more.

32GB isn't a lot of storage in these days of 4K video and boundless app stores, but at least it's not an immediate no-go like the 16GB iDevices of late. Even if we'd personally take the 128GB plunge, 32GB still seems like enough space for folks who just consume content and install a few apps on their devices. We wouldn't be surprised if more than a few of these refreshed iPhones and iPads ended up under the tree this holiday season.

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