EPoX busts out an AMD dually

2CPU has the goods on a new AMD-based dually from EPoX. Ripping the blurb straight from EPoX:
M762A, one of the two Multi Processors (MP) AMD solutions created by EPoX. M762A is tentatively schedule to be launched in middle of November 2001. The ATX form factor is made with 6-layer PCB. This server board house’s the AMD 760 MPX + 768 chipset, 4 DIMM slots, up to 4 Gigs of DDR memory, a AGP 4X slot, 2 - 64 bit (66 MHz), 2 - 32bit (33MHz) PCI Slots, ATA 100, 4 USB (2 Optional), single (Intel 82559) LAN, the usual Phoenix BIOS, over clocking abilities and of course every motherboard you buy comes with our award-winning technical support who is here to help you in times of need.
Am I the only one that finds an integrated Intel LAN chip hilarious? What's really interesting here are the overclocking abilities. Of course, the extent to which they'll be effective remains to be seen.
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