Razer Ornata keyboard fuses membrane and mechanical switches

All of the most successful gaming keyboards in the last few years have relied on mechanical keyswitches, usually from German manufacturer Cherry. Cherry switches have a lot of great qualities, but some folks do still prefer the softer feel of a rubber dome keyboard. Razer aims to cater to people on the fence with its new Ornata keyboard, which features what the company calls "mecha-membrane" switches.

Razer says the new keyboard will offer "both a soft, cushioned touch and a crisp, tactile click". That might make the keyboard attractive to people who want the positive feedback for gaming and the softer touch for typing. Tom's Hardware got its hands on the Ornata, and said that the keyboard has a distinctive feel that is indeed somewhere between a typical membrane keyboard and a true mechanical switch. Razer's CEO Min-Liang Tan claims the Ornata came out of the experience the company gained working with Kaihua on its self-branded mechanical switches. The keys on the Ornata also use low-height keycaps, which reduces the thickness of the keyboard overall.

Naturally, as any proper gaming peripheral does these days, the Ornata has optional RGB backlighting. The keyboard supports Razer's Chroma profiles, configurable through the Synapse software. If you don't care about RGB blinkenlichten, there's also a monochrome green version. The Ornatas have ten-key rollover, and include a detachable magnetic wrist-rest, as well. Razer has the keyboards available now for $79.99, or $99.99 for the RGB version.

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