Belkin RockStar dongle lets iPhone 7 owners charge and rock out

One question that it seems like every iPhone fan is asking in the wake of the iPhone 7 announcement is how they'll charge their next iDevice while listening to music at the same time. That's because Apple killed the 3.5-mm headphone jack on the iPhone 7, and wired audio now has to pass through a Lightning-connector-equipped pair of headphones or through a Lightning-to-3.5-mm dongle. There's obviously just one Lightning port on the iPhone 7, however, so the charging-and-listening-at-once problem is real.

Folks unwilling to drop $159 on Apple's wireless EarPods or similar amounts on other wireless headphones would seem to have headaches ahead, but Belkin has a solution—for a price. The Lightning Audio + Charge RockStar dongle splits the power and audio lines from the Lightning port so that iPhone owners can enjoy the same functionality that past iPhones offered. This $40 device lets iPhone 7 owners plug in a charger and a pair of headphones at once, but that's it—the RockStar isn't a Lightning port duplicator. Considering that the alternative right now is a rather bulky Lightning dock from Apple for $39, though, we're sure many will appreciate the convenience. Just be ready for the inevitable tangle if you need to plug your Lightning-to-3.5-mm adapter into this adapter, too.

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