Rumor: Microsoft to launch Surface all-in-one PC in late October

Expert Microsoft watcher Mary Jo Foley reports that Microsoft may launch a Surface-branded all-in-one device in October of this year, according to her sources. She suggests this Windows 10 computer has an internal codename of "Cardinal," and that it may be a consumer version of the massive (and massively popular) Surface Hub. Her sources tell her that "Cardinal" may be available with up to three screen sizes, ranging from 21 inchesĀ  to 27 inches, and that it may be positioned as a product that can "turn your desk into a studio."

To support the idea, Ms. Foley points out a patent for a modular all-in-one PC that Microsoft published early this year. The new PC will purportedly launch alongside a bevy of partners' devices at a Microsoft event in the last week of October. Ms. Foley posits a possible date of October 26 and a possible codename of "Project Rio" for the event. If these rumors pan out, we're interested to see how Microsoft translates the experience it's gained from building tablets and laptops into what could be an iMac-esque desktop PC.

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