CryEngine will add DX12 multi-GPU and Vulkan in future versions

Whether you bleed GeForce green or Radeon red, we can all agree that the potential performance gains to be found using the lower-level DirectX 12 and Vulkan APIs are significant. Crytek, creator and curator of the ever-popular CryEngine, is doing its part to further adoption of the new APIs. The folks at OC3D noticed that Crytek has updated its online roadmap for the engine. That document shows DX12 multi-GPU and Vulkan support as "on target" for upcoming releases.

Chinese-exclusive martial arts MOBA King of Wushu was the first DirectX 12-enabled CryEngine title when it debuted earlier this year, but CryEngine still doesn't support multi-GPU systems in DX12 mode. That will be changing with the projected release of CryEngine 5.4 in late February 2017. Crytek may be showing off the new feature at the next Game Developer's Conference, which starts February 27.

Perhaps even more exciting is the "on target" listing for Vulkan support across all platforms, including Windows, Mac, Linux, and mobile. That support is coming even sooner: Crytek's roadmap lists an anticipated launch window of "mid-November 2016" for version 5.3. CryEngine's greatest rival engine package, Unreal Engine 4, already has basic Vulkan support. However, Unreal limits applications using the new API to the mobile feature set of the renderer for now.

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