MSI celebrates its 30th with an EK-cooled GTX 1080

This year marks MSI's thirtieth anniversary providing PC builders with fine computer components, and the company is celebrating the date by announcing a collaboration with EK Water Blocks. The MSI GeForce GTX 1080 30th Anniversary combines an MSI-designed board with one of Nvidia's GP104 GPUs and a full-coverage waterblock designed by EK. The new card's cooler is a closed-loop design, and the whole thing comes fully assembled in what EK calls a "maintenance-free" setup.

This isn't MSI's first foray into video cards with closed-loop liquid coolers, of course. MSI's GTX 1080 Sea Hawk is a hybrid design that comes equipped with a liquid cooling system designed by Corsair. The 30th Anniversary card is quite different from that product, as it uses a full-coverage liquid cooler cut from the same stock as EK's Predator series of AIO CPU coolers.

Despite the thick 120-mm radiator and additional six-pin power connector, MSI only specs the 30th Anniversary card for a boost clock of 1860 MHz. As we've already seen, though, boost clock specifications on Pascal processors are more of a suggestion than anything else. Fancy cooler aside, the card has the same 8GB of 10 GT/s GDDR5X memory as any other GTX 1080. It also bears the standard Pascal single-HDMI, single-DVI, triple-DisplayPort output cluster.

MSI hasn't released pricing or availability information on the GTX 1080 30th Anniversary, but the GTX 1080 Sea Hawk is going for $762 on Amazon. Given the 30th Anniversary's custom-designed waterblock, it will likely end up priced well north of that already-exclusive product.

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