Poll: How do you feel about your PC's noise levels?

In our component testing, we put a lot of emphasis not only on how fast a given graphics card can run, for example, but also how quiet it is in the process. We like CPU coolers that balance high performance with low noise and cases that keep parts cool without contributing lots of decibels to a system's sound pressure levels. Furthermore, we're sticklers about the quality of the noise those parts produce—coolers and fans that make a broad-spectrum sound win higher marks from us than those that make whiny or growly noises.

While we're quite particular about these characteristics of PC components, we're curious how many of the system builders and PC gamers that read TR feel the same way. At least one of our writers, who shall remain nameless, thinks the rest of us are crazy for caring so much about system noise and feels completely fine about his reference-cooled Radeon R9 290X and full-tilt case fans. Perhaps he's more representative of the rest of the world than we think. Tell us how you feel about the general character of your PC's noise using the poll below, and feel free to elaborate in the comments.

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