Oracle gunning for Amazon with second-generation cloud services

Oracle has launched its second-generation cloud infrastructure at the company's OpenWorld conference in San Francisco. Oracle CEO proclaimed that Amazon Web Service's (AWS) lead in the cloud infrastructure business "is over." According to Gartner, Amazon AWS is the market leader with Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Services, and IBM taking up the remaining share.

Oracle will offer cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) in three different formats: Oracle Bare Metal, Ravello, and Container Cloud Service varieties. Oracle Bare Metal Cloud Services will provide access to bare metal servers, as the name implies. Oracle Ravello Cloud Services offers access to VMWare and KVM virtual machine instances. Oracle Container Cloud Services allows developers to deploy applications via Docker-compatible container stacks.

Oracle claims its Bare Metal virtual machine offerings are up to ten times faster than the highest performance tier Amazon offers through AWS infrastructure. For reference, AWS offers I/O performance up to 365,000 read IOPS and 315,000 write IOPS. Finally, the database giant says its server offerings offer up to 11.5X the performance and 20 percent cost savings compared to competitors.

The highest tier of the Oracle's Bare Metal service offers 28.8TB of storage capacity, 512GB of memory, and 36 virtualized CPU cores for $5.40 per hour. By way of comparison,the highest tier offered by AWS offers 3.2TB of storage, 244GB of memory, and 32 cores. Amazon commands $6.82 per hour for this service level in its on-demand hourly pricing structure. Scheduled use and up-front payment can lower the cost of AWS "i2.8xlarge" service to as little as $2.85 per hour, though.

According to Oracle, its Ravello service ought to allow customers to migrate existing VMWare and KVM workloads to it without any modifications. The company also claims that Ravello is the only cloud service allowing developers access to full L2 and L3 networking. Ravello was acquired by Oracle earlier this year.

Oracle's Container Cloud Services purportedly allow deployment of Docker containers "with a single click." The company also introduced Fast Connect, a set of services for simplified integration of Oracle's cloud services with in-housedatacenters and enterprise networks via IPsec-based VPN and multiprotocol label switching.

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