Scythe Byakko slices into compact dimensions

Japanese PC cooling specialist Scythe has announced a new compact tower-style CPU cooler called Byakko, a word that translates to White Tiger. The Byakko HSF packs a trio of 6-mm heatpipes and a 92mm fan into an overall height of merely 130mm (5.12" for Americans).

The base of the heatsink assembly is constructed from nickel-plated copper, and the heatpipes are curved assymetrically to allow additional clearance for installed DIMMs. The Byakko is equipped with a single Scythe Slip Stream 92mm sleeve bearing fan, which has an operating range of 300 to 2300 RPM and can generate airflow of 46.6 CFM and 18.9 Pa of static pressure. The heatsink has grooves for fan mounting on either side, so users requiring a push-pull fan configuration simply need to acquire a second fan and mounting clip.

On the Intel side, Scythe's product page lists compatibility with desktop sockets from LGA775 up to LGA1151. The old LGA1366 socket is also supported, but owners with newer Intel high-end desktop platforms must look elsewhere, as Intel's giant LGA2011 socket is not present on the support list. The Byakko uses the same pushpin-based mounting as the Intel stock coolers.

All AMD AM2, AM3, and FM socket variants are supported. AMD's new unified AM4 socket is rumored to retain compatibility with existing CPU coolers, so AM4 may be added to the support list at a later date. Mounting to AMD-based motherboards is achieved via the familiar clip mechanism. The Scythe Byakko is available immediately in Europe for 20.5€ + VAT, which works out to roughly $23.

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