SanDisk unveils prototype 1TB SD card

Way, way back in the year 2000, when the first 64MB SD card was still a new piece of tech, having so much memory in such a small space was tough for us to wrap our heads around. An Amazon review from the time said that "the first thing that you'll do when you see this thing is wonder how the manufacturer could pack 64MB of space on something so small." The reviewer marveled at the size, assuring the wide-eyed reader that the hardware wasn't a big floppy disk, as the close-up picture could've been considered misleading.

It's a different world now, but SanDisk is still working to pack more and more memory into those tiny cards, and this week unveiled a prototype 1TB SDXC card. And we're still wondering how SanDisk is packing so much space on something so small.

The biggest recent advancement in small storage came two years ago when SanDisk debuted the 512GB SDXC card, which still fetches a cool $345 over at Amazon.

4K video is only getting more and more popular among consumers, and recording video at a resolution like that requires a staggering amount of storage that needs to be accessed at high speeds. There isn't much out there that asks as much of a memory card. SanDisk is promising that the card will be able to fill the needs of those creating content at 4K and 8K resolution alike, not to mention 360-degree video.

Because the card is just a prototype right now, there isn't a price available, or even a release date. But it should give anyone playing with UHD video—or using it professionally—something to look forward to. 

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