Doom's latest update adds Deathmatch and private matches

Bethesda and id's newest take on Doom, one of the founding fathers of first person shooters and multiplayer gaming, released this spring to generally positive reception from critics and fans alike. id Software continued to add PC-friendly features to the game like Vulkan support and showing love to the platform that made Doom the legend it is. Now, with the third free content update, id has added the one thing that was missing: Deathmatch.

Deathmatch was an often-requested feature, and is exactly what it sounds like: free-for-all multiplayer. In addition, private matches are now available, allowing players to setup their own conditions to play exactly the match they want. The Snapmap and Campaign modes received a number of bugfixes, too.

It's surprising to see what were once considered to be core features added four months after release, but it seems like id and publisher Bethesda Softworks are listening to fans as the game ages. The patch is already available, so you can get in there and start showing everyone—not just the other team—how the rocket launcher is really supposed to be used.

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