EVGA's liquid-cooled GTX 1070 Hybrid card goes up for pre-order

If you've been holding off on jumping into Nvidia's 10-series graphics cards in the hopes of getting one that's chilled by an external radiator, EVGA may have a solution in its GeForce GTX FTW Hybrid series. The company's GTX 1080 Hybrid card has been available for some time now, but the GTX 1070 Hybrid is just now becoming available for pre-order through the EVGA website.

Both Hybrid cards use EVGA's own closed-loop liquid-cooled setup, allowing builders to get the benefits of liquid cooling without nearly as many risks or as much difficulty as one might experience building a liquid-cooled setup from scratch. Liquid-cooling setups like these might help let the GP104 GPU underneath run flat-out for longer, and they also allow heat to be exhausted directly from smaller cases where open, blow-down-style coolers might dump too much heat back into the enclosure.

The EVGA Hybrid cards both feature 10-phase power systems, dual BIOS chips for recovering from a reflash gone wrong, RGB LED lighting, and a 10-cm axial fan. EVGA says the axial fan should help keep the card quieter than the blower-type fans in many other hybrid cooling systems. The vendor also says the card's dedicated memory plate "makes direct contact with the water cooling block," which might help keep the memory cooler than hybrid cards that rely on air to move heat away from memory heatsinks.

The EVGA GTX 1080 FTW Hybrid appears to be out of stock at most retailers, but when it's available, you can pick it up for $730. The GTX 1070 FTW Hybrid will be available soon for $500.

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