NZXT joins the tempered-glass party with the S340 Elite

We haven't had our hands on NZXT's S340, but our friends at TechPowerUp were very fond of the case when it launched in 2014. That mid-tower ATX case features a minimalist exterior design that gives way to a surprisingly feature-filled interior. Now, NZXT is bringing out the S340 Elite, which discards the metal-and-plastic side panel of the original case for a sheet of tempered glass.

NZXT has a reputation for simple designs with clean lines, and the S340 Elite continues that tradition. Stated less charitably, the S340 Elite is a black box with a glass window on the side. That simplicity will probably appeal to many gerbils who have complained in the past about cases that resemble transformers. Similarly, folks tired of RGB glare and bright colors will appreciate the simple matte black or white of the S340 Elite, although NZXT does offer a version of the black case with red accents.

It's what's inside that counts, of course. The cable management bar and power supply shroud come over from the original model, but this time around NZXT also includes some clamps to hold cables in place. The new case gains an extra 2.5" drive mount on the power supply shroud, and the company is also including a magnetic "puck" that will attach to the exterior of the steel case. NZXT says the puck is designed to help with exterior cable management, or to allow users to hang headsets or VR head-mounted devices from it.

Speaking of VR, the S340 Elite will include a front-panel HDMI port. This is the first time we've seen this feature on a stand-alone chassis, and it could be a significant convenience for VR gamers. NZXT also includes two 120-mm fans—one in the top and one at the rear of the case. Folks with a need for more cooling can install two 120-mm or 140-mm fans at the front of the case or swap out the stock top fan for a 140-mm spinner. The S340 also offers mounts for two 3.5" storage devices or three 2.5" drives.

NZXT says the matte black version of the S340 Elite is available now for $99, while the black-and-red and white versions of the case are available for pre-order for US customers.

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