X2 Siryus case maintains a constant 45 degrees

The "Siryus" case from Dutch PC component vendor X2 will ensure the system inside is always at 45°—a 45-degree angle, that is. The case mounts the motherboard and components at an angle, leaving the rear I/O panel elevated and surrounded on either side by beefy-looking tubular aluminum handles. A large aluminum panel serves as a foot. Owners of nice furniture can relax, since the foot comes with a pair of rubber grips, too.

X2 may be courting AMD fans with the Siryus' provocative red, silver and black color scheme. The interior of the case sports numerous cable-management grommets. X2's says the case offers a pair of external 5.25" bays and six internal 3.5" bays, though we can only spot a pair of 3.5" internal drive sleds and no external bays in the manufacturer-supplied glamour shots. The PSU and a pair of 3.5" drive sleds are mounted within a basement that's shrouded on only one side. The case offers an additional pair of 2.5" mounts in the chassis' main area, too.

The front-upper (frupper?) panel is appointed with audio ports, a pair of USB 3.0 connectors, and a pair of oldie-but-goodie USB 2.0 ports. System cooling should be a breeze, as the Siryus offers mounting locations for as many as seven 120-mm fans or a pair of 360-mm radiators. The case can house ATX or E-ATX motherboards and graphics cards as long as 18.9" (480 mm).

European customers can order the enclosure directly from X2 on October 13 for 260€ (or $295). Customers in the rest of the world will need to contact X2 for purchasing info.

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