Rumor: Nvidia and Apple may reunite for future Mac GPUs

Nvidia and Apple might be getting back together after a couple years apart. According to a report from Bloomberg, a job description for a position with the green team (since revised) offered candidates the potential to "help produce the next revolutionary Apple products."

That's not the only  smoke from this rumor, though. According to Bloomberg, a total of three listings for software engineers at Nvidia directly reference the Mac, Apple, and macOS, suggesting that the company's relationship with Apple may be expanding. While all of the listings have been revised, they originally said the position would require "working in partnership with Apple" and writing code to "define the shape and future" of Mac graphics software.

These rumors arrive against an interesting backdrop. AMD has been Apple's sole provider of GPUs for the last few years, even as Nvidia has achieved dominance in the PC graphics card market. Apple has included Nvidia chips in its products in the past, but the last Mac with Nvidia inside was the mid-2014 MacBook Pro, as far as we're aware.

Neither Apple nor Nvidia have made any official announcements regarding their future relationship. Apple may be adding Nvidia chips to its products as another choice for power users, or this rumored relationship could be a total shift from one exclusive supplier to another. It's even possible that Nvidia is simply working to make a bid for Apple's attention, rather than staffing up for an already-signed agreement.

If there is indeed something brewing between Nvidia and Apple, it could mean big things for Mac users. If Apple is bringing Nvidia products in alongside AMD's, buyers will have more choice in Mac graphics than they have in a long time. A total shift from AMD to Nvidia products, on the other hand, would be a hit to one of AMD's more lucrative exclusive deals. Either way, we'll be waiting to see whether Nvidia graphics chips make an appearance in the next round of Mac refreshes.

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