VIA's integrated P4 chipset, um, storms market

— 12:00 AM on November 1, 2001

If you're responsible for any corporate PC purchases at work, you might be interested in Inquest's overview of the new VIA P4M266 chipset. As the Pentium 4 moves quickly to replace the PIII on corporate desktops, there's a bit of a problem, because the P4 hasn't had a low-cost chipset with integrated graphics—something similar to Intel's 815 chipset for the PIII, which is wildly popular in corporate desktop Pee Cees. The best candidates to replace the 815 are VIA's P4X266 and Intel's 845 (see our review of these two chipsets here). However, the 845 uses only pokey PC133 SDRAM, and both chipsets lack integrated graphics. The P4M266, on the other hand, is basically a P4X266 with an integrated graphics core—just right.

With all the legal tussle between VIA and Intel going on, I doubt this chipset will sell like it ought to. Then again, Bert at Inquest seems to think otherwise. Hmm.

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