MSI 100-series BIOS updates show next-gen CPUs drop into LGA 1151

Today MSI announced that it's issuing BIOS updates for all of its Intel 100-series motherboards to add support for the company's next-gen CPUs. Leaks and rumors aside, this bit of news from MSI is the first official confirmation we've had that Intel's next-gen desktop chips will be using the same LGA 1151 socket as used by Skylake CPUs.

The rumor mill says Intel is preparing a new 200-series chipset to go with the launch of its next-generation CPUs, as well. Assuming that's true, it's possible that using a next-gen CPU on 100-series boards may cause builders to miss out on any of the new features in that platform, similar to the the way that builders using an Ivy Bridge CPU with a Z68 motherboard missed out on PCI Express 3.0 support. Nevertheless, a discounted 100-series board with support for the new CPUs could make for an economical way to get into a next-gen system.

So far, MSI is the only company trumpeting next-gen CPU support from the rooftops. A few firmware updates for Asus motherboards from the last week or so include line items like "CPU uCode update" and "Support new Intel CPUs" in their changelogs, though. We expect the other big motherboard vendors to follow along with similar updates shortly.

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