Thermaltake revs up Engine 27 low-profile CPU cooler

Thermaltake's latest Engine 27 CPU cooler uses a radial fin arrangement to cool CPUs with 70W TDPs in a low-profile package that fits in a 1U server chassis. The "Engine 27" comes from its its 27-mm (1.06") height. The heatsink's contact plate is made from nickel-plated copper, while the aluminum heatsink fins are arranged around a 60-mm fan with 40 blades. Thermaltake claims the aluminum fan construction allows heat transfer into the fan itself.

The whole design is strikingly similar to Coolchip's "kinetic cooler," which leaves us wondering if Thermaltake is licensing the technology. The integrated fan can rotate at PWM-controlled speeds from 1500 to 2500 RPM. The entire assembly weighs just under 11 oz (310 g). Memory upgrades in Engine 27-equipped systems should be easy, thanks to the cooler's tidy 3.6" (91.5-mm) diameter.

The Engine 27 mounts using spring-loaded screws and an included backing plate. The cooler is only compatible with LGA 115x motherboards, so owners of AMD or Intel LGA 2011 CPUs must look elsewhere.

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