EVGA gives free PowerLinks to owners of its GTX 10-series cards

When we build PCs, we have just one goal in mind. No, not "build a working, powerful PC." The most important goal, of course, is hiding all the cables. To help solve that problem, EVGA announced this week that it will be giving away its PowerLink adapter to owners of its GeForce GTX 10-series cards who register their products through the company's website. That means both new owners and folks who bought their cards a while back can get in on the deal—at least, so long as EVGA has stock.

The PowerLink is a power adapter made with cable management in mind, designed to let you move the 6 and 8-pin power connectors that normally plug into the side of your graphics card onto the front of the card where they'll be more difficult to see. EVGA claims the PowerLink promotes better airflow, and it also says some capacitors inside provide a degree of power filtering. These claims are going to be tougher to back up than the immediately obvious aesthetic enhancement the device provides by hiding some of the most troublesome cables in a case.

The spacing between the connectors on this adapter can be adjusted with a screwdriver, too, meaning the PowerLink should be compatible with a wide variety of cards and likely won't have to be discarded during an upgrade.

As we noted at the beginning of this piece, the best part about this deal is that it's retroactive. If you already have an EVGA 10-series graphics card in your rig, you're likely eligible. All EVGA is asking of anyone who owns or purchases one of its GeForce GTX 10-series cards is that they register an EVGA account, link a card with it, and pay the cost of shipping and handling for the adapter. The PowerLink isn't available at retail yet, but it's expected to go for around $30 when it is.

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