EVE: Gunjack 2 blasts away on Google Daydream VR

CCP Games has released the first trailer for EVE: Gunjack 2 - End of Shift, the sequel to its 2015 VR shooter EVE: Gunjack. The first game in the series worked with the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Samsung Gear VR, but the sequel will be released exclusively for Google's newly announced Daydream VR. As of now, the Google Pixel is the only smartphone compatible with Google's new VR platform. Check out the video below.

End of Shift begins with the player stationed on Kubera, a heavy duty mining platform in the Outer Ring of the New Eden system in the EVE universe. The player operates a gun turret, protecting the other residents of Kubera from swarms of attackers.

The game plays out as a fast-paced on-rails shooter with a first-person perspective, à la Star Fox and the Panzer Dragoon series of days gone by. CCP Games says EVE: Gunjack 2 - End of Shift should start blasting in November 2016.

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