Reports: Fixed Note 7 combusts, sparking aircraft evacuation

Samsung's official recall-and-replacement program for its troubled Galaxy Note 7 phone is finally in full swing. Despite promises that the company has fixed the combustible battery issue at the root of the fiasco, however, it appears the Note 7 isn't out of the woods yet. According to reports from USA Today and The Verge, a passenger on a Southwest Airlines flight from Louisville, Kentucky noticed that his replaced Note 7 was smoking, causing the flight to be evacuated on the tarmac.

Samsung threw water on the claim that the phone involved was a replacement model in a statement to USA Today, but photos of the phone's box obtained by The Verge from the owner of the device show that it is, in fact, a new unit with all the marks indicating its replacement status. The owner of the device told The Verge that the phone was turned off and in his pocket when he noticed the smoke that sparked the evacuation of the aircraft.

We figure now is as good a time as any to warn Note 7 owners who still have devices from the original production run to get their phones replaced. Samsung has information on how to determine whether a Note 7 is affected by the recall on its dedicated web page for the issue. Owners of affected Note 7s should also be receiving warning prompts on their phones every time they charge or reboot the device. The skittish can get a full refund or a Galaxy S7 phone in exchange for their affected phones.

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