Oculus Touch controllers arrive December 6 for $199

During Oculus' Connect conference keynote today, the company announced pricing and availability for its hand controllers, along with the infrastructure one will need to enjoy room-scale VR with its Rift headset. Oculus' long-awaited Touch controllers will be available December 6 of this year for $199, and pre-orders will commence October 10.

We're still confirming information about what's in the box with Touch, but The Verge says the controllers will include a second tracking camera in the box to get things up and running with the Rift's single included tracker. Folks hoping to do room-scale VR, like one might get with HTC's Vive, will need to pony up $79 for a third tracking camera. That brings the total price for a room-scale Rift system to about $880, versus $799 for a Vive. Oculus' Touch controllers allow for finer-grained hand tracking than the Vive's twin controllers offer, however. Whether the premium will be worth it remains to be seen.

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