Silverstone CS380 case hot-swaps eight drives

If you want to build a home server or NAS with a whole bunch of redundant storage, Silverstone has the chassis for you. The CS380 case (from the company's "Case Storage Series") was originally shown last year as a micro-ATX concept design. Silverstone eventually decided to go bigger and presented the concept this year at CES, this time as a steel ATX mid-tower case of fairly standard dimensions and design. The interesting part of the case is its fan-cooled storage bay that can accept eight 3.5" or 2.5" devices in hot-swappable drive caddies.

Those drive caddies are accessible right from the front of the case, which Silverstone covers with a locking door so folks can't walk up and steal your data. The drives themselves plug into a custom backplane that supports both SATA and SAS. Silverstone includes a pair of side-facing 120-mm fans to keep the drives cool. A third 120-mm spinner comes mounted in the back of the case.

Besides the removable storage caddies, the case offers a pair of 5.25" bays. Enterprising builders could certainly build a typical desktop in this case, as it accepts standard ATX motherboards and power supplies. Some behind-the-motherboard cable routing is available as well. However, graphics cards are limited to just 9.5" in length. That fact, combined with the unusual cooling arrangement, means this case probably isn't the best choice for a gaming rig. Silverstone hasn't provided availability or pricing info for the CS380.

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