Boxxes workstations are now packed with Pascal-based Quadros

The boutique workstation manufacturers and letter X enthusiasts at Boxx have announced the availability of the Apexx-series workstations packed with Nvidia Quadro P5000 and P6000 GPUs. For those unfamiliar with the Quadro nomenclature, the P5000 is based on the Pascal GP104 chip found in the GeForce GTX 1070 and 1080 cards. The even-faster Quadro P6000 employs the GP102 chip found in the 2016 GeForce GTX Titan X.

Boxx offers three different Apexx workstations with Nvidia Pascal Quadros. The Apexx 4 and Apexx 5 can each be configured with up to four dual-slot GPUs, while the smaller Apexx 2 must make do with a maximum of two double-wide GPUs.

The Quadro P5000 card pairs 2560 stream processors capable of up to 8.9 TFLOPs with 16GB of GDDR5X memory. The P6000 cranks the performance up to ludicrous levels with 3840 SPs, 12 TFLOPs, and 24 GB of GDDR5X VRAM. Nvidia claims these two GPUs are at least twice as fast as their Kepler-based forebearers.

Prospective buyers can configure their Boxx worstation online, though the company warns that systems with Pascal cards are subject to "extended lead time." A sample APEXX 2 with an Intel Core i7-6950X and 16GB DDR4 RAM with a single P5000 GPU costs $7,805, or $16,648 with a pair of P6000 cards. Just for fun, we configured the APEXX 5 with the same CPU and memory configuration and four range-topping P6000s. The total came to an eye-watering $28,385.

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