MasterKeys Crystal Edition lets RGB LEDs shine their brightest

Do you yearn for the simpler times of the mid-2000s, when anything from car wheels to stripper heels were just a little bit better if they were made from clear plastic? If so, Cooler Master has released the MasterKeys Pro L RGB Crystal Edition just for you. The Crystal Edition doesn't have both feet stuck in 2006, as oh-so-2016 RGB LEDs and Cherry MX Blue or Brown switches underpin the unprinted transparent keycaps.

Cooler Master touts a redesigned circuit board allowing tight fitment between the Cherry switches and an extra PCB-mounted LED for each key. The manufacturer claims this combination provides the "brightest" LED lighting around. Those LEDs can display a number of canned lighting patterns without additional software. Those so inclined can apply their C++ skills to create custom lighting effects.

The Crystal Edition keyboard packs its very own ARM Cortex-M3 processor, which Cooler Master says is 25% faster than the Cortex-M0 used in "other keyboards." The manufacturer claims this extra number crunching grunt allows for immediate execution of commands and macros. For reference, the ARM9 CPU in the Nokia N73 smartphone from 2006 was good for somewhere in the neighborhood of 200 MIPS. The 72 MHz Cortex-M3 in the Crystal Edition delivers 90-108 MIPS, based on Cooler Master's 1.25-1.5 MIPS-per-MHz claims.

The MasterKeys Pro L RGB Crystal Edition with Cherry MX Brown switches is available now from Cooler Master. Crystal keyboards with Cherry MX Blues are expected to ship October 10. Lovers of blinkenlights will need to shell out $180 for their RGB fix.

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