Wasteland 3 blasts through funding goal in just 3 days

inXile Entertainment announced Wasteland 3 just a couple weeks ago, and very recently kicked off a crowdfunding campaign. Just three days after the campaign began, Wasteland 3 met its funding goal of $2.75 million and is beginning to push toward the stretch goals to add bonus content. At the time of writing, the campaign has passed $2.8 million with almost 25 days still left. This latest sequel to the long-running series sends the player and their party of Rangers to the previously-unexplored region of Colorado. Cooperative multiplayer is on the menu, too—a first for the series.

Wasteland is one of the oldest series in gaming, and was one of the very first to depict the sort of post-apocalyptic nuclear wasteland that has become a cliché in modern games. The original Wasteland hit in 1988, almost a decade before the original Fallout. Wasteland was unprecedented at the time; despite arriving on a few floppy disks in an age when not everyone hard a hard drive, the game offered a persistent game world and a huge amount of text. Due to data storage limitations, that text accompanied the game as a separate book. Now that is some serious copy protection.

In March of 2012, nearly a quarter-century after the original Wasteland, developer Brian Fargo (of Bard's Tale fame) revived the license with help from some original members of the Wasteland team. A successful Kickstarter campaign resulted in the release of a Wasteland 2, a game that was received well by critics and fans old and new alike. That puts the series prestigious company with the likes of Divinity: Original Sin, Pillars of Eternity, and Shadowrun Returns. It even did well enough to warrant a jump to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

This time around, inXile took to Fig to fund its game. Fig is a crowdfunding platform like Kickstarter, but created specifically with game development in mind. The site was founded by veteran developers from companies like Double Fine, Obsidian, and inXile itself. To appear on Fig, games go through an expert-backed vetting process. Investors can take part in that process as well, making money back from the game upon release.

inXile managed to revive one of the oldest names in gaming and make it relevant again without letting go of its hardcore RPG roots, thanks to the magic of crowdfunding. Wasteland 3 is currently expected in late 2019.

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