Rumor: GeForce GTX 1050 Ti photographed and benchmarked

More rumors concerning the purported GeForce GTX 1050 Ti are swirling about. Just like last time, someone over at ChipHell posted up some pictures of part of a retail package and the back of the card, as well as GPU-Z data and a 3DMark Fire Strike score.

Source: ChipHell via Videocardz

These new leaks are consistent with the data we saw before, and depict a GPU with 768 shader processors, 48 texture units, and 32 render output units. The particular card that the leaker has is equipped with 4GB of GDDR5 memory clocked at 7 GT/s and hooked up to a 128-bit bus. It also uses a 6-pin power connector—supposedly optional for the 1050 Ti—and is spec'd for 1354 MHz base and 1468 MHz boost clocks.

As we already know, factory-specified clocks on Pascal-based GeForces don't mean much thanks to the architecture's GPU Boost 3.0. For those unfamiliar, the latest GeForces will happily boost well beyond the factory clocks given thermal and power headroom. That appears to still be the case even with this lower-end card, whose GPU-Z's readings show it boosting all the way up to 1.8 GHz. We believe the extra power connector on this card allows it to attain those speeds. It's likely that cards without the extra power will ride closer to the rumored 1392 MHz boost clock of the reference model.

Source: ChipHell via Videocardz

The leaker also posted a Fire Strike Ultra score of 1895, which puts this card well in the range of the GTX 960 and significantly ahead of the GTX 950. It also places the GTX 1050 Ti well ahead of the Radeon RX 460, which it will be fighting for market share in the low-end discrete GPU space. That isn't especially surprising, though. As we said in the past, the GTX 1050 Ti's take on Pascal is more richly-apportioned with regard to functional units than the red team's offering.

Of course, we have to reiterate that 3DMark scores don't necessarily translate to in-game performance. Furthermore, the top-end Fire Strike Ultra benchmark is hardly suited for a low-end card like this. We're interested to see if sub-75W models can put up similar showings. Japanese hardware site Hermitage Akihabara claims the cards will release on October 25—another number that's consistent with past rumors. Thanks to Videocardz for the tip.

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