Microsoft Paint gets a 3D overhaul

Microsoft's Paint accessory app, included with Windows in one form or another since the very beginning, is finally getting a huge revamp. The application got a rework in Windows 8, but nothing like what the company has in store now. In addition to becoming a Universal Windows app, the new Paint is tuned for pen and tablet input, and supports object creation and painting in 3D.

Tom Warren at The Verge got his hands on an alpha build of the new Paint, and says it serves its purpose well. He remarks that the app is missing some advanced image editing features like layering and multi-file editing. That isn't all that surprising, given that Paint has never been intended as a serious image-editing tool. For basic drawing and image editing, the new version of Paint is likely just as capable as the old version.

The big-ticket item this time around is the ability to draw in 3D. The video above (leaked by WalkingCat on Twitter and rehosted by Mr. Warren on YouTube) demonstrates the feature quite clearly, turning a simple 2D illustration into a convincing cartoon fish. The final release will apparently include some method for users to share 3D objects to an online community.

Microsoft confirmed today that it is holding an event on October 26 to announce new Surface hardware. We heard rumors of this event a while back. The Verge expects that the new version of Paint will launch at that event, alongside various touch-enabled devices targeted at artists and other content authors.

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